Sithilikarana Vyayama – Joints Loosening Exercise

Based on Ayurveda, joint problems is largely categorized under two categories:

  • Weakness in joints due to lack of nutrition for the joint tissues. Usually begins with stiffness and feeling of friction or cracking sounds observed when moving joints. Overtime, joints will start to degenerate due to prolonged malnutrition.
  • Toxin and stagnant Prana trapped in joints: it could be at one site or multiple sites, resulting from the stagnation of prana due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of movements. This can be coupled with Ama (metabolic toxins) being not properly dispelled out of the body and accumulates in the joints. It is associated with feeling of heaviness with swelling and pain.

To enable our joints to function with ease and mobility, we need to:

  • Strengthen the supporting muscles around the joints – through joints strengthening exercise – Sukshma Vyayama
  • Loosen the joint structure to reduce stiffness and improve flexibility – Sithilikarana Vyayama

During this practice, we bring awareness to the specific joint area one at a time, working with slow gentle movements without harming the underlying nerves and vital structures. These movements are carefully selected such that none of the practices involve acute or jerky movements. During the practice, try to keep your eyes closed, maintain awareness on the specific part that we are working at, while taking long slow deep breath.

Sukshma Vyayama – Joints Strengthening Exercise

This exercise strengthens the muscles around the joints. Often, our joints undergo wear and tear due to overuse, as the supporting muscles are weak and the joints have to bear unnecessary load. We reverse this process by strengthening the supporting muscles around the joints, in turn improving the stability and mobility of joints.

This exercise can be done in standing (Tadasana – mountain pose), or seated on a chair. Do at your own comfort level and pace. Start slow and mild, and increase the pace and intensity only when you feel ready. 

8 Steps Chair Breathing

A gentle breathing exercise to relax respiratory system. Total practice time is about 30 mins , best to do early in the morning You can extend into meditation at the end.

Benefits include:

  • Create steady awareness of breath
  • Lengthen breath by slow exhalation
  • Open chest and increase lung capacity
  • Drains secretion/mucus out through forward bends
  • Relaxes bronchial muscles, revitalise respiratory system
  • Reduce panic, relax body-mind

Disclaimer: On Wellness Yoga recommends that you consult with your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations before beginning any yoga or exercise program. When participating in any yoga or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this yoga or exercise program, you agree that you voluntarily participate at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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